Larry Singleton Respectfully Declines Participation in CCRW Forum


 16 June 2014

 Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia




I appreciate the Cherokee County Republican Women (CCRW) and the service they have provided to the voters of Cherokee County with the series of forums they have presented this year. I attended the forum they held for the Candidates for Chair and participated in the forum for the candidates for County Commissioner.


In my attendance at these Forums at the Historic Courthouse in Canton, I noted that the number of District 4 voters present were primarily party officials and candidate representatives. I further noted that very few voters from Southwest Cherokee were present at the meeting.


In order to determine the reason for this District 4 Voter apathy, I surveyed a number of voters and residents of Southwest Cherokee as to why they would not attend these important forums. My survey revealed that the #1 reason for not attending was the location of the Forum Canton and the #2 reason was the early start time of the Forum. Several voters in my survey stated that would have loved to have attended but would have to leave their jobs early in Atlanta before 4:00 PM in order to arrive at the start of these Forums.


I communicated this information to representatives of the CCRW prior to the Primary and offered assistance in finding a neutral location like the Rose Creek Library, Woodstock Library or the Oak Grove Government Community Room off Highway 92 West. All of these locations are essentially free for public use.


Therefore, given the low attendance of actual voters from District 4 at forums in Canton, I must regrettably decline the CCRW’s invitation to the Forum to be held on June 26th.


Larry Singleton




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