Stop paying for an empty freezer

Did you know freezers use less energy when they’re full?

Frozen foods keep temperatures low and reduce strain on your freezer’s motor. During cold months, freezers tend to have empty shelves because it’s too chilly to reach for ice cream.

Save energy and money this winter with these simple freezer tips:

- Fill milk cartons with water to four inches from the top and store them in the freezer. They’ll also help keep food frozen longer if there’s ever an outage.

- Keep bags of ice on hand for holiday get-togethers or parties.

- Now’s the best time to hit the kitchen and make great staples that will keep in the freezer. A variety of frozen homemade soups, chicken and vegetable stocks will help your freezer run efficiently and save you time on weekly meals.

- If frost builds up on your freezer, it’s time to defrost. Accumulation makes your motor work harder than necessary.

- If you’re debating replacing your freezer… Chest styles cost less to run than upright ones; cold air rushes out when you open upright freezer doors.

Find more ways to save energy and money at www.cobbemc.com/conserve


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