Cumming Pics & Clips

Do you have any summer photos and videos to share with our community?

Do you have a photo to share with the community, a favorite snapshot of our community that you wish everybody could see? Then post it here, in Your Neighborhood Gallery.

That's what this space is all about–a chance for the people of the community to share their favorite images taken in and around Cumming and Forsyth County.

Did you get a great photo on the Big Creek Greenway or high atop Sawnee Mountain? Then upload it to this gallery! Is your video of coyotes walking through your backyard too wild to keep to yourself? Then add it here! Can't wait to share the tranquility of that awesome sunset photo you took at Lake Lanier? You don't have to wait, you can upload it right here, right now.

These photos and videos don't need a story with them. (If you have a little story to share, then check out the Announcements and post your story there with any photos.)

So click on the "Upload Photos and Videos" button and start sharing your views of the community!

Liz Kennedy November 29, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Check out some beautiful scenic pictures submitted by JKAY and LISE P. recently on Cumming Pics and Clips - outstanding photos!
Liz Kennedy December 04, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Thanks to Steve Phillps for submitting his outdoor Christmas tree for the birds and squirrels - I love the idea! Get your holiday pictures submitted to us!


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