Musicians Play Complimenting Solo Sets

Jeannie Caryn headlined Friday night with special guests Tom Flugum and Marc Lawson.

Musicians Jeannie Caryn,  and Tom Flugum each played solo sets during a lively show Friday at . These three artists' styles flowed together well, and the night was a success. Show opener Tom Flugum has been touring local venues with Jeannie for almost a year, and played some popular covers.

“Jeannie is a great singer, and we always support each other and look for opportunities to play out," Flugum said. "We have styles and taste that compliment each other, so I was very happy to sit in with her and play at the coffeehouse.

The show closer, pianist Lawson, has an EP coming out soon. He performed his originals for the crowd, and says he enjoys playing shows with Caryn.

“I really like the way Jeannie interacts with the crowd. She is a very warm and engaging person, and I think that comes across in her performance,” Lawson said.

Part of what made Friday's show a success was the variety of music. Caryn said she chose Lawson and Flugum because of their differing musical styles. Both Flugum and Caryn play the acoustic guitar, and Lawson's closing piano performance was the perfect ending for the show.

Caryn, Friday's headliner, said she likes playing in the relaxing atmosphere of Woodstock Coffeehouse, and it is not her first time doing so.

“It's a venue that will bring out folks who won't venture into a bar and fans of all ages can attend performances there. I had been lucky to play during the first Woodstock Coffeehouse festival last fall and knew that I could bring an audience to enjoy each other and a night of live music in this cozy room,” Caryn explained.

Her style is along the American folk lines, but she is considering venturing into alternative rock. Caryn's set consisted of both covers and originals, and the crowd responded well to both. She says that audiences can tell when a performer is not authentic.

“Fans seem to love when I play music I'm passionate about,” Caryn said.

She receives lots of requests for Jewel songs, probably because her voice carries distinct similarities to the famous musician. Her covers on Friday included Jewel's Foolish Games and Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. She admires and is influenced by other musicians such as Heart, Ella Fitzgerald, the Indigo Girls and Carole King.

Caryn is a self-taught guitarist who only took lessons for six months, during a time when she hated guitar. She knows her musical capabilities well, and uses them to her full advantage on stage. She wants her music to reach people on a personal level.

“With songs, people listen for what they need, so it's more about giving that opportunity to an audience to connect with music than wanted to dictate a specific message of sorts,” Caryn said.

Caryn's favorite thing about her own music is seeing what she is able to create. She writes her songs as they come to her, no matter what time of day it happens.

“Sometimes I wake with a song in the middle of the night or in the early morning and have to record the melody and lyrics right then. I put the proper chords to it as soon as I can and look then to play with structure and word-smithing,” Caryn explained.

Like Lawson, she is planning an upcoming EP, Crazy, with Groove Tunes Studios. She wants to finish it by the end of this summer, and is already streaming songs online.

Listen to Jeannie Caryn: www.reverbnation.com/jeanniecaryn

Follow Jeannie Caryn on Twitter: @jeanniecaryn


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