News Nearby: Toddler Injured by Tree Limb Makes Progress; GOP Seeks 'Supermajority'

Here are some top headlines from around the region.


State GOP Seeks ‘Supermajority’ in Legislature - Midtown Patch

Election Day 2012 is here and state Republicans, who already hold 115 of 180 House seats, are looking to win five more in order to attain the two-thirds “supermajority” threshold in the Legislature.

If such happens, Democrats would not be in position to block possible state constitutional changes proposed by GOP members. .

Polling Troubles in Fulton County - AJC.com

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office is “extremely concerned” at reports of problems at the polls in Fulton County, according to wsbtv.com. The issues are not isolated to one location but are scattered throughout Fulton at a level unseen in any other county.

The Fulton County Manager’s office has deployed eight additional vehicles to be dispatched to the elections warehouse in order to expedite the delivery of supplies to various locations. In some cases, supplies have been depleted due to the volume of voter turnout today, according to the Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections. For more on this story, visit the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Tot Injured by Tree Limb Making Progress - wsbtv.com

A tree limb, blown down by winds from Hurricane Sandy, hit Tripp Halstead in the head at his daycare over one week ago, critically injuring his brain. But there have been some positive signs of improvement recently, reports wsbtv.com.

"I saw him move for the first time today and I cried because you haven't seen your baby move since Sunday, and it's just great," said mother Stacy Halstead. For more on this story, visit wsbtv.com.


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