Should Restaurants Give Discounts for Well-Behaved Children?

One restaurant in Washington did, but some people say it just rewards people for behaving how they should.

An Italian restaurant in Poulsbo, Wash. made the news recently when it took $4 off the bill of family dining there because the children were well behaved.

According to Fox News, the mom posted the receipt on Reddit with a note that reportedly said, “If only all restaurants did this for people with kids.”

She added that not only did she get a discount for her well-behaved kids, but the server also gave them a free bowl of ice cream to share.

Fox News reports that the children were ages 2, 3 and 8.

The mother reportedly said that she teaches her children that they don’t need crayons and iPads to prevent them from being an unpleasant distraction for other patrons – she encourages conversation between them instead.

The mother reportedly got some positive response to her family’s good fortune, but also those who complained that it was ridiculous to expect a discount just for behaving like you’re supposed to behave.

So what do think? Is it good idea for restaurants to give discounts to families with children who behave, or would that be unfair to people without children? Do you think it is wrong to reward behavior that is expected?


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