Miami 'Zombie Attack' and What it has to do with You

A man in Miami allegedly ate the face of another man, but the drug that might have contributed to the attack has been a problem in Cherokee County.

A report out of Miami shows that Rudy Eugene allegedly ate the face off of another man, according to CNN.

But where things hit home is that the drug he might have been taking has been a problem recently in Cherokee County. Eugene was likely on a new drug known as "bath salts" at the time of the attack, police told WPLG.

Bath salts are sold in convenience stores and were addressed and banned in May 2011 in Cherokee County.

“The bath salts the law refers to are being snorted or injected to give abusers a ‘meth like’ high, but the bath salts are not intended for human consumption,” Lt. Jay Baker said in an email last year.



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