Police To Enforce ATV Ordinance

Woodstock Police officials will focus on Olde Rope Mill Park.

Keep the 4-wheelers inside because the will start enforcing the new beginning this weekend.

Officers will specifically focus on the area around , said Brittany Duncan, spokeswoman for the Woodstock Police Department.

"These incidents are not only a safety issue, but are also causing an economic and environmental impact on the trails," Duncan said. "The trails are not designed to accommodate ATVs, and their effects are starting to show on the newly opened trails as well as the trail areas currently under construction."

The  passed the ATV ordinance to regulate the operation of All Terrain Vehicles including 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, off-road motorcycles and golf carts because officials from the Greenprints trails voiced issues between bicyclists and other users making a need for this change.

A person can be charged with a misdemeanor and pay up to a $1000 fine before the Woodstock Municipal Court. ATVs can also be impounded from issued citations.


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