Aunt of Mother Killed in Accident Wants Stop Signs at Intersection

The aunt of Tiffany Robbins wants Cherokee County to install stop signs on Woodstock Road at Victory Drive.

Tiffany Robbins, left, with her husband Anthony Robbins and daughter Malaya.
Tiffany Robbins, left, with her husband Anthony Robbins and daughter Malaya.
The aunt of a young woman who died earlier this month from injuries in an accident wants the intersection where the fatal wreck occurred to be outfitted with stop signs.

Judy Beale, the aunt of Tiffany Robbins, has created a petition asking for the stop signs to be installed on Woodstock Road at Victory Drive in southwest Cherokee County, creating an intersection with three-way stop signs.

Beale in her petition notes that if the stop signs were there, her niece and her baby "would be alive today."

"I would like to save one more death and/or one more injury in Tiffany's honor," she writes in her petition, which is addressed to U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey, U.S. Rep. Tom Price and President Barack Obama. "The perfect gift from us to other drivers would be a roundabout, but if this is not possible then we will accept two stop signs."

The intersection sits in unincorporated Cherokee, so the county's engineering department would be tasked with reviewing whether stop signs would be a feasible solution. 

The department would have to review accident data and the intersection itself before it could make any final conclusions, said Cherokee County Public Works Director Geoff Morton.

"We will also possibly have an engineering firm review the intersection for their recommendations," he added. 

Deputies with the Cherokee Sheriff's Office on Saturday Jan. 11 were dispatched to the intersection following the two-vehicle accident. 

According to the sheriff's office, Robbins, 26, who also had her three-year-old daughter restrained in the backseat of her vehicle, was turning onto Woodstock Road from Victory Drive when her Honda Accord pulled into the path of a truck traveling northbound on Woodstock Road. 

The woman and her three-year-old child, who both had "visible injuries," were transported to WellStar Kennestone Hospital for treatment. Robbins underwent an emergency c-section at the hospital, but the baby did not survive. Robbins later died of internal injuries.

The driver of the truck was not "not seriously injured" and was not taken to a hospital for treatment. The driver was also not charged in the accident. 

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Jessica Bourque Donehoo January 24, 2014 at 05:06 PM
It's a no brainer! I can't believe it even has to be reviewed!! Common since says, too many accidents and 2 deaths means something must be done!!!!
userbronco January 28, 2014 at 07:18 AM
They would also still be alive if she had not pulled out in front of oncoming traffic Blame everyone except the one responsible My parents taught me to Look both ways before you cross the street Not only if youre walking but Especially if you're in a car
Angela February 06, 2014 at 09:41 PM
I am pretty sure she did not just say today would be a great day to wreck and put myself, both my child and unborn child at risk. It was an accident. So userbronco its not about placing blame. It is a dangerous /busy intersection. I personnaly think making it a 3 way stop is a great idea. Userbronco since your parents taught you to look both ways why did they not teach you to have a little common courtesy. This was not at all about blaming. It is about trying to prevent any other accidents and possibly saving the next persons life. What if it just so happened to be one of your families life that this change impacts?


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