Christian Group Calls for Rogers to Resign

The Georgia Christian Coalition is asking for Chip Rogers to step down as Senate Majority Leader.

Jerry Luquire, president of the Georgia Christian Coalition, has publicly asked Sen. Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock, to step down from his seat as Senate Majority Leader, according to WSBTV.

Luquire calls for Rogers' resignation as the result of his connections to a business that handicapped sports events for gamblers, WSBTV reported.

Rogers appeared on a show that predicted the winner of sports events, but claimed he read from a script and never actually predicted who would win, WSBTV reported.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Luquire claims Rogers is too close to the gaming industry to hold a leadership role.

Phil McCall June 03, 2012 at 09:18 PM
John - I was part of the Blue Ribbon Committee that recommended changes to the BOC and BOE. We were given the CCSD poll with the cover letter signed by (then) Chairman Rick Steiner. The cover letter stated the poll was conducted at 4 specific school meetings. Based on the cover letter I asked questions during our discussions; including could the BOE state as fact that school children did NOT take the poll. The answer was the poll could not rule out that minors had taken the poll. I also asked what recognized polling standard was used by the BOE to conduct the poll. The BOE poll did not use a recognized standard such as AAPOR or NCPP. For these reasons - I threw out the BOE data as being unscientific to base my vote upon. As far as the Blue Ribbon Committee; we were aware that a separate poll was conducted during our discussions, but the data was never shared with me or others during our discussions. After our recommendation; I was subsequently told by one of the people that helped pay for the poll [and to this day is not known by the public]. The ONLY poll shared with us was the unscientific BOE poll. I was told in February that almost 70% of the 800 likely CC voters polled in the phone poll supported alternatives. The right question for you to ask is what polling standard did the phone poll use by asking those identified as having paid for the poll. Goes to show polls are like opinions - we all have them.
John June 04, 2012 at 11:12 AM
Phil...Agreed, polling is only as good as the questions asked(Absence of Bias) the population polled(completely random). As may be likely the case with the district polling, am doubtful that the the poll commissioning by the Grassroots Conservatives entity was any less flawed. While this is all water under the bridge at this time I believe that if the question had of been put before the voters in the form of a referendum...though non-binding, the citizens would have come to a different conclusion. The suggestion for a referendum was made during a townhall that Chip and Co. conducted back in March, but was dismissed as coming too late in the game. I believe, rather, that the delegation had every intention of changing the governance model and did not want citizen input. The whole effort stinks of political payback and is the type of stuff that is contributing the general failure of government at all levels to meet the needs of the citizens. Still want Chip gone.
Addie Price June 04, 2012 at 08:35 PM
All I'm going to say is I wish the religious group would read their bible and remember the life of Paul.
Hey, hey, hey Goodbye June 07, 2012 at 03:01 PM
John, agreed. As Sean Jerguson blatently told us in the HF Town Hall meeting, the delegation had the right to set the districts where they wanted and they didn't have to ask for any community input. If the poll that is being touted here is the one conducted by Grassroots Conservatives (read - Chip Rogers' Traveling Puppet Troupe), I believe the number of households who actually responded to the poll was somewhere in the neighborhood of 190. A number of around 22,000 was given in the description of the poll and that is what the Chipster told us in a town hall meeting but I remember reading actual numbers of respondents and if I remember correctly, it was 188 on the charter question. Not quite the ringing endorsement in my opinion.
Phil McCall June 07, 2012 at 07:44 PM
HHHG - I 'googled' the specific poll and found a news report. 800 homes called. 516 people answered the phone. 337 supported representative democracy. According to the County newspaper article; 337 our of 516 = 65% polled. The news article quotes their interview with the person that conducted the poll and here is his answer explaining the one of the numbers you attributed to Sen. Rogers; "Robert Trim, a member of the organization, said in an interview earlier this month the Grassroots group targeted citizens who voted in the last two of four elections. “We wanted to get people who were likely voters,” he added. Trim said the organization got about 23,000 numbers and called 11,500 people over the course of two days." As I read the article - there was more than one poll conducted and the one you refer to was the 65% positive responder poll. Took about 3 seconds to google the poll if anyone wants to read several articles regarding the poll. That way none of us are providing bad info based on bad memory.


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