Cobb Chamber CEO Endorses TSPLOST

"If TSPLOST doesn't pass, it would be the worst thing ever happened to Atlanta." said Cobb Chamber CEO David Connell.

David Connell, CEO and President of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, strongly endorsed the regional transportation referendum, known as TSPLOST, Thursday at the (ABA) Monthly Luncheon at .

Connell spoke to an audience of about 100 people, which included State Rep. Ed Setzler, Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews and local business leaders. He discussed Cobb's business strategies that are aimed at creating more jobs and boosting the county's competitiveness.

"These are not strategies to use public funding for chamber marketing," he said. "The purpose is to benefit the prosperity of Cobb County, and not the Cobb Chamber.”

When asked about his take on the TSPLOST, Connell urged local business leaders to vote in favor of the tax's passage.

"If TSPLOST doesn't pass, it would be the worst thing ever happened to Atlanta," said Connell. "It's definitely going to hurt the economic development and job growth of our county."

Ed Setzler, Georgia House District 35 Representative, shook his head during Connell's TSPLOST endorsement, and told Patch that he "profoundly" opposes the tax.

"It will not solve our traffic problems," said Setzler. "The only thing it does is bringing in more revenue."

Do you support the TSPLOST? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments!

The tax will pass if the . It will be collected for either 10 years or until the expected $8.5 billion in revenues has been collected, whichever comes first.

Projects are listed on either the 85 percent list, which were developed and approved by the Regional Roundtable; or the 15 percent list, which are local rather than regional projects.

Each of Cobb County's four commissioners were allotted $34.69 million to give to projects in their districts. Additionally, the city of Acworth has a list totaling $4.7 million, and the city of Kennesaw has a list totaling $5.77 million.

Of the revenues expected, $689 million is allotted for the proposed bus rapid transit system, which officials said will cover construction costs as well as 10 years of maintenance and operation. Click here to read all about the TSPLOST and see what others are saying about it.

Greg July 01, 2012 at 06:36 PM
No I do not support the TSPLOST. They have wasted a lot less money then this will generate. Look at GA 400 toll. Has it gone away like they said it would? This will be just like it. And why do you think all of these politicians are in favor for it? If they can get money in their district, then they can crow about it. One item on the list is a new Control Tower at Cobb County airport. How will that help traffic? Please vote "NO" on July 31st.
John A Delves July 01, 2012 at 07:05 PM
New Control tower probably will help more than the repainted fancy busses that will have Wi-Fi at every seat but only half full and having to be supported by the tax payers of Cobb County. Forget the one cent tax that will be collected for ten years or until the estimated amount is achieved, how about the 100 million dollar per year it will take to maintain the operation? Will that come from fares? I dont think so, just like 400 it will be another two cents or three cents needed to keep it going. Does nothing for the area and has no impact on tourism that we have been told is the number one revenur producer in Cobb County.
ACC-SEC Booster July 01, 2012 at 08:26 PM
{{{"If TSPLOST doesn't pass, it would be the worst thing ever happened to Atlanta." said Cobb Chamber CEO David Connell.}}} No, worst thing that ever happened to (Metro) Atlanta is having a spectularly incompetent, completely inept and basically brainless state legislature that kicks the can down the road and punts major decisions and basic constitutionally-mandated job functions off onto the voters to decide. Having what is one of the worst, if not arguably be the worst, state legislature in the country will be the worst thing to ever happen to this region. Just what did the state legislature think would happen when they commissioned the compiling of a list that is loaded with political favors to cronies and special interest groups? Did the geniuses in the state legislature actually think that politically, fiscally and socially-conservative suburbanites and exurbanites Outside-the-Perimeter would vote to raise their own taxes to fund rail transit for liberal urbanites Inside-the-Perimeter that they can't stand? Did the rocket scientists in the legislature actually think that politically, financially and socially-liberal Intowners would vote to raise their own taxes to help expand roads to support a conservative suburban and exurban lifestyle that they despise? Anyone who thinks that the answers to those two questions is yes must be living in a cave.
Joe_Harris July 03, 2012 at 01:43 PM
The passage of the Regional Transportation Referendum would ensure that a comprehensive plan is passed to take care of the transportation issues that are present in GA. Road improvement projects and transit projects are projects that are needed in and around Atlanta. Our roads are in need of repair and we need more transit options in the city. At the rate that our city continues to grow if the transportation system can barely handle the transportation needs that are currently present how will it handle it in the future?
BeckBoo July 03, 2012 at 02:05 PM
This is the most accurate description of the TSPLOST I have heard yet! Gonna steal this quote if you don't mind there ACC... :)


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