Election Season Vandal Strikes Again

This time, the home of a Kelly Marlow supporter was targeted.

A neighbor of school board candidate woke up Saturday to find rolls of toilet paper and signs in his front yard.  

The neighbor previously had "Elect Kelly Marlow for School Board" yard signs there, reader on Canton-Sixes Patch. The post included a picture of the vandalized home, which Price said she received from Marlow, who is running for Post 1 against Cromer.

Post 1 covers BridgeMill, , , and parts of the Holly Springs, Toonigh and Univeter areas.

"I did not submit the photo, but based on your request, I spoke to my neighbor," Marlow said in an email to Canton-Sixes Patch. "Unfortunately, he is disturbed by this incident but, because he has small children, he does not want to become part of the story. It seems this was a childish prank and we shall not pursue it further."

That may explain why Lt. Jay Baker, spokesman for the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, was unaware of any activity in BridgeMill over the weekend.

"I can't locate reports related to it," he said.

Cromer, Marlow's opponent, said she did not know about the incident until a reporter reached out to her.

"I do not know who was involved and I do not condone this type of behavior," she said. "I have had many signs that were placed on private property disappear and have had reports of other signs being placed in front of my signs, but nothing to this extreme."

Vandalism has been reported in other area races recently. Just last week, David Waters told Woodstock-Towne Lake Patch that someone used a .

Marlow and Cromer will be among the featured candidates at .

lifelong resident June 27, 2012 at 12:51 AM
lets roll some yards!!!!!
Angela Chambers June 27, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Lifelong resident--I like your sense of humor. I'm in!
Flock of Schoolgirls June 27, 2012 at 05:42 AM
Oh please. Kelly Marlow was looking at Michael Guist the entire time. Everybody knows everyone else in the room. It doesn't mean either Kyla or Kelly were seeking anyone's approval. They were both probably very nervous and looking out fin the crowd for friendly faces. Does EVERYTHING have to have a "secret" motive behind it? Please.....
Pete June 27, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Lets all be real, stealing signs from each other, insulting the opposition, doing anything other than exercising your right to vote, or supporting your candidate- without tearing down the other person's character..is a waste of time. Set a good example to your children by acting with integrity. I can state the reasons I am voting for one candidate over another,without slander. Let's try to rise up to a better level.
Dean Sheridan June 27, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Pete : I tried to voice the same earlier. Personally I'm confounded as the comments continued if you really read all the words they write back an forth. It seemed like this was all settled - and then again here we go this morning. I can't help thinking some of the same Sophomoric activity takes place on monthly basis in and around the School Board when dealing with serious issues - this "tit-for-tat" mentality when if one or another is of opposition somehow; not being part of the "click". Very disappointing.


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