Federal Government Threatens To Cut Georgia Food Stamp Program By $15 Million

The U.S. Food and Nutrition Service said in a letter to the program that it had failed to correct overdue food stamp cases and demanded they be resolved in 30 days.

The federal government has slapped the state of Georgia with an ultimatum: Fix the food stamp program in 30 days or else.

The government threatened to cut $15 million in funding to the program unless it delivers significant improvement by May 14.

The U.S. Food and Nutrition Service issued a letter to the program delivered Monday stating that it failed to amend several cases of overdue food stamps, and noted that the number of cases continues to grow.

This is a much lighter threat than its previous one, in which the federal government threatened to remove all $75 million of its funding. It conceded that the program did make some improvement and lowered the total to $15 million.

"This letter serves as a formal warning that (the state Department of Human Services) may be subject to suspension of administrative funds,” Robin Bailey Jr., the regional administrator of the U.S. Food and Nutrition Service, said in the letter.
jMichael April 19, 2014 at 04:32 PM
Oh, David. I almost forgot. In case you are as mathematically challenged as you are cognitively, I'll do the math for you. The GOP averaged a million jobs per year. The Dems, more than doubled that. Oh my. How will you spin this. How WILL you spin this.
David Montgomery April 19, 2014 at 05:02 PM
I'm not a Republican nor am I a Democrat. I have no political party affiliation. I do not own a television; therefore, the news media has no effect on my thinking. The best government is self government. You should resist judging people and jumping to wild assumptions.
jMichael April 19, 2014 at 05:12 PM
My apologies, David. Your FOX-chanted slogan threw me off. Now please respond to the substance of my comment. How does your slogan match up with the data?
David Montgomery April 19, 2014 at 05:22 PM
A large faction of voters that voted the way they did in the most recent presidential election did so because they were and are looking for some form of government handout. Many exit polls showed this time and time again. Many people don't want to work today; they want someone else to take care of them such as their government. That is the current state of our country. When you rely on government, you lose. Just ask any Hurricane Katrina survivor. No need to reply to me. Have a Happy Easter.


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