Letter: Apartment Residents Concerned Over Displacement for Mixed-Use Development

Versailles and Chastain Apartment properties, in Sandy Springs, are being sold to JLB Partners for conversion to a luxury residential mixed-use development


A resident at Versailles Apartments on Roswell Road says families there need to know details of their upcoming displacement for a new development.

for conversion to a luxury residential mixed-use development. The sale is not yet complete according to the parties. And JLB is awaiting approval of zone modification by the City of Sandy Springs.

"I am just a very concerned resident living here on the edge..."

In a letter to the editor, a resident wrote:

“There are a lot of families living in this complex with school-age children. We need to know are we going to get 1 month notice, 2 month notice or what, to vacate this property. 

Please keep in mind that the property owner is still renting out new apartment and renewing leases. 

As a parent, I really need to know, will our children get to finish the year out at their school  - High Point Elementary?

I am just a very concerned resident living here on the edge and very much worried about if tomorrow I will get a letter telling me and my family we have 2 weeks to vacate…”

Management: "Understand, this is a lengthy process..."

The resident added that despite the questions, management has kept an open line of communication with tenants. A week ago, a detailed letter from the property manager was sent to the community saying the sale is expected to be complete by spring 2013, and the management company would try to help them find alternative housing.  A resdent provided a letter from property manager Daniel Matyniak, which said in part, “Understand this is a lengthy process and we hope to learn something by the end of this year.”

Versailles and Chastain Apartments are managed by First Communities Management, Inc., which manages other properties on Roswell Road according to senior portfolio manager Stephanie Morel. After inquires by Patch, Morel responded by email and said, “…We are continuing to lease at both communities as this sale is pending and we have not received anything definitive from buyers that would indicate otherwise.”

Zoning modification is scheduled to go before the city’s Design Review Board on Sept. 25., and likely before the Planning Commission in November. City spokesperson Sharon Kraun said the zoning modification would not be presented to City Council before December.

Neither the City, nor JLB Partners would comment on residents’ concerns over vacating their apartments. Matt Hallman, vice president of acquisitions at JLB, said the firm is focused on the zoning. “We’re under contract to buy the property at this point and that’s it," he said.

Andrea Holowka November 15, 2012 at 07:06 PM
I happen to live at Versailles and I know many if not most of the families that live here are just barely getting by. I myself am concerned that I might be forced to move my daughter away from her school if I can't find someplace close by that has rental rates similar to where I live now. But at least we learning of this well in advance to make whatever necessary changes to our budgets in order to squirrel away the funds needed for the imminent move. But unfortunately it wasn't the Property Owners letting us know they were considering selling, it was posting on the internet that has made us aware of this matter... Because I know many families will need much longer than a 2 month notice to save enough or plan for these changes.
Adrianne Murchison November 16, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Thanks for your comment, Andrea.
S Myers December 30, 2013 at 12:53 PM
I am curious I left a very detailed "letter" about what has been going on the last two years on this property and spent over an hour writing it why is it not posted ?
Jonathan Dixon January 14, 2014 at 10:48 PM
Well I just moved out 12-31-2014, my lease was up and thank God. Went back to the old nieghborhood today, and bumped into an friend that is still living there, and found out that they sent letters out this past Friday, letting all current tenants know that they have exactly 30 days to vacate their apartment, and not a moment latter. Yep it's finally happening their ready to throw all the poor out right after the holiday's they have tell 2-08-2014 to find new living quarters. What a great way to start off the new year huh...
S Myers February 03, 2014 at 12:06 AM
Broken water pipes have been running for days instead of being shut off what a waste of water. Atlanta got hit with snow you would think that the office would have salted or sanded the property but chose to ignore it. The parking lot was turned into a skating rink, left to thaw and refreeze all the while this water has been running. The office will tell you that the property is walked daily when you start asking questions it clearly is not. Trash is being left by residence moving out and not picked up. The property has been sold so the management seems not to care what is going on here the office on site has been closed permanently and the phone disconnected.


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