Recount: Primary Results Stand

Kyla Cromer and Channing Ruskell requested the recounts of the Post 1 school board and Post 2 county commission races.

The recounts of the  and  races are done, and the results stand.

Kelly Marlow, former Cherokee County Fire Chief Ray Gunnin and Commissioner Jim Hubbard remained at the top of the pack of their respective races.

, who lost the Cherokee County Board of Education contest against  by 24 votes, and , who finished last in his three-way race with Hubbard and Gunnin, requested the recounts.

Gunnin received 21 more votes than Ruskell, enough to keep his campaign alive for a runoff with Hubbard.

See the chart for the results and return to Patch later for a video report.

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Name July 31 Results Today's Recount Kyla Cromer 2,949 2,949 Post 1 BOE Member-Elect Kelly Marlow 2,973 2,973 Ray Gunnin 2,613 2,613 Post 2 Commissioner Jim Hubbard 4,299 4,299 Channing Ruskell 2,592 2,592
Jim Beam August 10, 2012 at 03:46 PM
A day's worth of employment of several taxpaid county officials (and they earn every penny) adds up to a cost >>> a McDonald's meal. Both candidates appear to consider themselves 'fiscal conservatives' but that phrase has little meaning these days. Apparently some of you folks aren't up to snuff on the accuracy of our voting machines and processes, else you'd recognize how large an insult it is to suggest they'd miscount 20+ votes. It's virtually impossible for the machines to miscount even a single vote in a size of 6000-10000 votes, much less 20+. Thankfully, our Board of Elections officials know this - it's why they were 100% correct every time they counted. Our democracy is in safe hands with these people.
Jim Beam August 13, 2012 at 02:01 AM
Frank, attacking the messenger is always the sign of a lost debate. You resort to this tactic often. And you ignore others who are on your side of the aisle, such as 'R L Federalist' and 'Truthseeker'. But I've exposed your hypocrisy enough times before and would rather focus on the topic here: You are WAY off base in your recount beliefs. 20+vote margins in elections the size of this recount are never,ever,EVER overturned. 3-5 votes? Perhaps. But never 20+. Feel free to find an example that disproves me. I'll gladly retract that statement if you can. The biggest problem here is your ignorance of GA Election laws. The moment the Board of Elections certified the vote on Friday, 8/3/12 was the moment the provisionals and absentee votes became Official. There could be no "number of issues" found after Friday, 8/3/12. There can be no hand-recounting or "FLA hanging-chad" style of nonsense once the Board certifies the Election. The only thing they could do, sans a court order, was--literally--recount the existing votes. Which they did...and which revealed that ALL VOTES WERE COUNTED (twice!!) and DID COUNT. The Board had a 0% margin of error in this election. 0%. As expected. So take your typical, failed, wrong liberal claptrap somewhere else, Frank. The only thing your post revealed was your complete, thorough ignorance of GA Election laws.
Jim Beam August 13, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Dean, that's what the Board is busy doing from Tuesday night of the election through the end of Friday's certification process. Once the board certifies the vote, a recount can only recount the existing votes, rather than challenge individual votes or hand recount. You'd need a court order for that, as well as some sort of proof of possible vote-tampering, shenaniganism (<-- not a word but should be), etc. Not trying to kill the messenger (that's Frank's job!). And I agree on some of the results being improbable. But I don't believe this election was tampered with and I do have full confidence in our Board of Elections members and process. I've seen no evidence nor heard anything to the contrary.
Jim Beam August 13, 2012 at 02:22 AM
I don't think that at all, Mr. Sheridan. I believe you're a man of character and integrity and hope you will run again, as I believe people like you are part of the solution, not the problem. Though I see your point re:paper ballots and a trail, I'd counter that human beings cannot match the accuracy and speed of machines in elections as large as these and that the longer an election counting process draws out, the less trust in the process the public will have. Imagine the ATL-area reaction of having to wait days to see the TSPLOST results and the voter rumors that the GDOT was rigging the votes, etc. Let's face it - paper ballots can be corrupted easier than a machine and, if individual citizens don't get to see their own ballot being counted, they'd have no idea someone altered theirs. Not that a machine isn't alterable but I believe it's the better of the 2 options when dealing with an election population of the size of Cherokee County, and larger. Imagine the logistical nightmare of having 6000-10000 people demanding to see if their hand-written ballots had been properly counted. It'd be anarchy!
Dean Sheridan August 13, 2012 at 01:22 PM
@Steely Dan : Agreed. You see though, the basic changes of "trust but verify" with machines could have all-ready been done. It's to late developing the same scenario you described after a election is questionable. Again, I'm not being accusatory here of our elected officials nor the board - I am of the process they have; by the nature of it, this issue will not go away. I hear more about it from folks every election cycle. It is their job at all costs to protect the integrity of our system. I believe this election cycle is their opportunity to do just that. People often say "Perception is often not reality." I also personalty believe, provided an effort is made in this area we will increase the number of voters - and that;s something we all want. Folks to participate in the process.


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