A Toilet-Papered House and Missing Campaign Signs

School board candidate Kelly Marlow said her neighbor was "disturbed" by an act of election season vandalism. Turns out, the neighbor told Marlow something different.

and are running against each other for the Post 1 seat on the .

Over the weekend, Canton-Sixes Patch received a tip that Marlow's neighbor woke up to find rolls of toilet paper and  campaign signs in the front yard of his BridgeMill home, not the Marlow signs that were once there.

Reader , an image she said she received from Marlow.

In an email Monday, Marlow told Canton-Sixes Patch that her neighbor didn't "want to become part of the story," but was "." 

Tonight, another neighbor said Marlow's characterization of the homeowner's reaction to the  was "a total lie.

"The homeowner did not say those things," Angela Chambers told Canton-Sixes Patch.

He didn't say those things to Marlow, Chambers said, because his home was never vandalized.

"Kelly knew the whole story," she said. "I don't understand. Back up. I do understand. It's politics, and it's ugly."

• • •

Chambers, a  English teacher, supports Cromer in the race for Post 1 and in the contest for Cherokee County BOE Chair.

Last weekend, her Cromer and Read yard signs disappeared from her Chestnut Walk home. Her neighbor's Cromer and Read signs also went missing.

This morning, she read about the "vandalized" home on Patch. She began to write about the missing yard signs in the comment box at the bottom of the article.

The wife of the homeowner of the "vandalized" home, who only identified herself as Rebekah, replied. She repeated a story that she told a Canton-Sixes Patch reporter in an earlier phone conversation after the original article appeared on the site.

"I am the homeowner and would really love to move on from all of this nonsense," Rebekah wrote. "It wasn't politically motivated at all. Just some friends having a little late night fun at our expense. When cleaning up, we saved the signs and gave them back to Kelly to return to their rightful owners. It (sic) hate it that this has gotten so blown out of proportion."

Chambers told Rebekah that she and her neighbor never got their signs back.

"I'm sorry you didn't get your signs back," Rebekah wrote in another post. "I gave them to Kelly yesterday to return. I'm happy to talk more with you about this, but would rather not do it through the comments section of this article." 

Chambers and Rebekah took their conversation offline. Over the phone, Rebekah told Chambers that she woke up Saturday, took a picture of the toilet-papered home and posted it on Facebook.

Marlow saw the Facebook post and messaged Rebekah. She asked her if it was a joke or something more. Rebekah told Marlow that it was just a prank.

"Kelly knew this," Chambers said. "That's what's so disturbing ... to me."

• • •

Monday night, Marlow and Cromer took questions from media representatives, the public and each other during a debate at the Cherokee County Republican Party headquarters in Towne Lake.

After the debate ended, a Canton-Sixes Patch reporter asked Marlow about the discrepancy between her story and Rebekah's version of events.

"No comment," she said.

This evening, Chambers said she and her neighbor still hadn't gotten their yard signs back.

"I'd love to know," she said, "what she did with her opponents' signs."

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Ethan Mic Lek July 01, 2012 at 02:16 PM
@ Chris Knowles - I think you have some other facts incorrect as well. Teachers all over our state have been losing their jobs for the past five years. Many counties around us have has to lay off teachers as well as reduce their pay. Furlough days (AKA: Pay cuts) have been occurring in our county for the past four years as well. We have not had it quite as tough as some of the surrounding counties because our School Board and Dr. P have done an excellent job with the funding we have been afforded by the state. These are probably issues that you should have known about if indeed you are campaigning for someone that is running for a position that would be in charge of issues such as these. Teachers have also been forced to put more money into the retirement system as well every year, from 5% up to 6%, while the people managing those funds are receiving more than $100K pay increases...http://www.ajc.com/news/bonus-pay-stokes-anger-287662.html. Honestly, I don't see Marlow as anything but an advocate for the Charter School and totally anti- Dr. P. And apparently you seem to have a teacher stigma about you as well.
Reading & Listening July 01, 2012 at 02:18 PM
@Richard, irony is VERY DIFFERENT than bigoted slurs that infer one's personal preferences of sexual orientation. Chris Knowles has lost much credibility with that hateful comment.
Chris Knowles July 02, 2012 at 04:50 AM
-> Reading and Listening you are apparently incapable of either. Please read the last line of my post again for source information. For your information, I have read the budget ... that doesn't tell me anything because once funds are approved, Frank P can spend that money pretty much any way he wants. -> Frank, I at least give you credit for a rational reply even though I disagree with you vehemently (and I still think you're Frank P). Free Market philosophy works when an entity is responsible for generation of revenue solely through the merits and efforts of its employees. Can't say that is so for CCSD. Now, you could say that education efforts not under the direct control of the district might serve the same effect as competition does which may be why CCA was put here. However, we currently live in a monopoly county ... that seems to think our hard-earned money is monopoly money. Companies still have to be effective and prosperous with less. Why not the district? We need to stop the gimme, gimme, gimme entitlement mentality and focus on creative, collaborative and effective solutions. Teacher pay is NOT THE problem, but it is A problem. Bloated construction and administrative costs in a struggling economy are also A problem. For the record, I do care about our county and our schools, and unlike Mike Chapman, I do have "dogs" in this fight and I am going to fight to ensure they get the BEST education possible based on MY choice, not Frank and/or Janet's.
Chris Knowles July 02, 2012 at 05:14 AM
@Ethan, if you are a teacher then I don't think you have gotten a fair shake. Other districts are cutting to the bone. Look at Bartow County, their budget is about half what we have here in Cherokee County and they have NO assistant/deputy/super-secret superintendents and they share administrative help more than 6 to 1. Where are those type of actions from the CCSD??? Furlough days are not pay cuts - you may get less days cash in your pocket but it doesn't affect annual salary credit for retirement or benefits so I can't feel too bad for you there ... As for what Fund Managers make, when you get to retirement and you're fully vested and collecting those checks, you'll be glad they got those bonuses. You certainly wouldn't want to do that job yourself ...
Mealy Man July 14, 2013 at 12:55 PM
I hope that with the new patch, everybody in the thread gets a little notification about this blast from the past. Check out the Knowles history of hatred and deception about CCSD in light of recent events.


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