Sen. Rogers Leads School Choice Rally

The Cherokee senator gave a tour of the State Capitol after rallying for School Choice Awareness Week.

 spoke to thousands of charter school students, parents and supporters at the State Capitol today in honor of the third annual School Choice Awareness Week, according to a news release.

Following the rally on the state capitol steps, Rogers took more than 300  students on a tour of the capitol before explaining the importance of a constitutional amendment to their current school.

While in the Joint House and Senate Committee Chambers, Rogers told the Cherokee Charter fifth, sixth and seventh graders about the Charter School Constitutional Amendment that was filed in the House of Representatives this week.

The amendment, if passed, would give states the authority to create charter schools and shift funds from public schools to charter schools, according to the release.

"Georgia students deserve an opportunity at a world class education," Rogers told the students. "Our children are worth it. More choices, more options, more opportunity - this is what we need to offer. Parents, not government, should be entrusted with determining what's best for children. To those who stand in the way of educational freedom we must let them hear us, let them see, and help them understand, we are not going away."


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