Cherokee Co. Schools Make Decision on Evening Activities

The Cherokee County School Board will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday.

The Cherokee County School Board will meet at 7 p.m. tonight, but all student recognitions scheduled for this evening’s meeting are being rescheduled. Credit: Patch file
The Cherokee County School Board will meet at 7 p.m. tonight, but all student recognitions scheduled for this evening’s meeting are being rescheduled. Credit: Patch file
From the Cherokee County School District:

On behalf of the Superintendent, this is to advise that in an abundance of caution based on National Weather Service forecasts provided by the Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency, that all CCSD evening activities on Thursday, Feb. 6, have been cancelled.

The NWS forecast calls for precipitation and freezing temperatures by 7 p.m., which can lead to icy and hazardous roads.

All CCSD evening activities that will extend past 5 p.m. tonight are cancelled and will be rescheduled (this does not include After School Program at our elementary schools — they will complete service to their ASP students). The cancellation includes Polaris Evening School classes.

The Cherokee County School Board will meet at 7 p.m. tonight, but all student recognitions scheduled for this evening’s meeting are cancelled and will be rescheduled.

Frank Anastasia February 08, 2014 at 11:22 AM
Phil...Just a little common sense would alleviate a lot of the weather issues. This isn't the first time the south has had winter weather. Drive in low gear, don't hit your brakes on a hill, unless you have too, keep room between vehicles, stop texting while driving, if its rain, just remain calm, its the same stuff that comes out of your shower head. Pay attention to the weather forecasts, if a storm like that one is 100%, get the kids home, and send office workers home asap, or don't even have them come in. Its as simple as common sense and being proactive.
Phil McCall February 08, 2014 at 03:04 PM
Mr. Anastasia and all - Agreed. Common sense goes a long way to resolution of most problems. The ones you listed are good solutions. I was lucky enough to sit with friends over coffee last w/e and two we added to your list were; 1 - follow NOAA rather than a local news channel 2 - the State stop the 18 wheelers outside of Atl. at the weigh scale parking and apron areas. I personally was in eastern Ga. on Sunday before the storm and tuned into NOAA radio out of Wrens, Ga. NOAA was forecasting ice/snow hitting below Atl. mid Tuesday on Sunday afternoon. By Monday afternoon NOAA was stating as fact the ice/snow would hit on a line north of LaGrange through Burke County into Edgefield, SC. I was so sure of the weather Tuesday that I left a meeting early Monday night to drive home rather than to leave at my normal travel time of daylight on Tuesday. The point is all the local weathermen use NOAA and NWS, BUT due to various reasons such as wanting to increase listeners commercial stations dole out info every 30 minutes and deal more with human interest rather than meterologicla data. NOAA gives it to you direct every 5 minutes and is accurate. Keeping the 18 wheelers out of downtown and off the suicide circle is just common sense. Thanks for your logical solutions and again, welcome to Dixie. Hopefully, the supt., mayors, and Gov. will listen into all of our suggestions.
Frank Jones February 10, 2014 at 12:45 PM
Phil & Frank, I agree with your recommendations but disagree with your use of "common sense" . Unfortunately, one person's opinion of "common sense" is another person's idea of "idiocy". For instance, my common sense was that the roads were entirely drivable since I have driven in those conditions. Other people's common sense was to park and walk. The real answer is proper planning for contingencies. For instance, we know that it snows in GA and weather forecasters make lots of mistakes. As such, we must be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Schools should have chains for each bus; state & local gov't should have ample salting/plowing capability; schools should give priority to bus riders when closing early to prevent thousands of cars blocking buses from reaching the schools; and more. For the metro-area with 6 million plus people to be caught unprepared is a disgrace. Unfortunately, the state gov't is more concerned with bringing more business (and people) to the area & cutting taxes while ignoring basic functions of expanding transportation, planning for emergencies, and providing basic services to the current population.
Phil McCall February 10, 2014 at 07:18 PM
Mr. Jones - We agree in part in that one person's common sense is another's idea of idiocy. I was just surprised you admitted to thinking you could drive in the mess when you knew others on the road could not. That for me is not logical, but I'm not prepared to attack you as an idiot. You again prove your point of common sense vs. idiocy being in the eye of the beholder as you advocate giving an incompetent govt. department more moving parts to mis-manage. I've thought about this and I can not cite a single example of expanding a government agency or department has improved existing service when efficiency is used as the reasonable yard stick. Especially when it comes to GDOT. I agree government ADDS services at ADDED cost, but can not cite efficiency as government grows. We all can cite an endless list of inefficiencies as government grows. Again, your proved your point regarding common sense vs. idiocy as you advocate that expanding transportation [as in TSPLOST????] is a 'basic service' of government. I would remind you a significant sum is provided locally, and regionally for "planning for emergencies" and we saw how well that has worked out 2 weeks ago. I do not advocate expansion of services until the executive branches of government get under control what has already been given to the executive branches to manage. But then I expect management by an executive branch and not expansion to hide existing failures to manage. So we do at least agree in your basic premise. I'd counsel you to stay off the roads in wintry mix as others may not be as capable as you are in icy conditions - that would be common sense and for your general good. But then we disagree and you will probably mischaracterise me as an idiot.
Frank Jones February 22, 2014 at 07:16 PM
Phil...I wouldn't characterize you as an idiot but will respect your opinions even if I disagree with some of them. In respect to my driving on icy roads, I felt comfortable and kept reasonable (i.e. sufficiently long) distance between myself and others thus reducing the likelihood of others causing me problems. By hey, if someone had hit me, then stuff happens. Based upon your reply to me, you appear to be a small gov't believer because gov't inherently does not work. On that, we disagree. Gov't can work and does work when the politicians support the professional managers instead of placing political appointees over key government functions. As to TSPLOST, I was fervently against it because it was the wrong funding mechanism and most of the transportation improvements weren't "new" but merely improvements that were already scheduled or needed. Again, this was a political move since our politicians don't want to raise any taxes even when additional funding is desperately needed. Instead, they want to cut taxes for the select few, do sweetheart deals for relocating businesses and have us, the people, raise our own sales taxes to make up for their mismanagement.


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