Cherokee Schools Outpace State In Student Performance Index

The school district's average College and Career Ready Performance Index score for 2012-13 was 79.7, higher than the Georgia average of 75.8.

Credit: Patch File
Credit: Patch File

For the second consecutive year, the Cherokee County School District has exceeded the state's average score on the new College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) system.    

The Georgia Department of Education on Monday released 2012-13 scores for all school districts and individual schools assessed under the CCRPI accountability system, which assesses student academic achievement and progress.

CCRPI was rolled out last school year to replace the federal No Child Left Behind Act’s Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) system.  

The school district's average CCRPI score for 2012-13 is 79.7, exceeding the Georgia average of 75.8, according to a release from the Cherokee County School District. 

According to the state, it's inaccurate to compare the 2011-12 initial pilot scores to the 2012-13 results as "significant changes" to the CCRPI formula were made over the past year.

The adjusted 2012-13 formula raises the bar for schools, and has resulted in lower scores, the school district added. 

Thirty-four of Cherokee's 38 schools evaluated as part of CCRPI earned an average score of 70 or higher for 2012-13, with all middle schools scoring higher than 77 and all high schools scoring higher than 76.  

Twenty-one of the district’s 25 elementary schools scored a 70 or better, with an average score of 76.7. 

The Georgia Department of Education over the past year listened to opinions shared by educators, including district staff, to adjust the CCRPI formula to better reflect progress towards students being able to master the performance standards.

"While this is a more accurate assessment of the progress on which schools statewide should be focused, the formula also makes it more challenging for school systems like CCSD that are already performing at top levels to increase their CCRPI scores from year to year," the district said in a statement. 

The majority of the data used to calculate CCRPI scores, such as standardized test scores and graduation rates, has previously been analyzed by CCSD Office of Assessment staff, principals and their leadership and data management teams to improve individualized instruction.

However, the scores will be reviewed by these same groups to identify possible areas for districtwide initiatives and/or adjustments to School Improvement Plans.  

“We are focused on preparing every child in every one of our schools for college and career readiness, and while we are pleased that we continue to exceed the State average, we remain dedicated to constant improvement and excellence,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Petruzielo.

See the attached .PDF to review the score of individual schools. 

nybelleinga April 23, 2014 at 12:39 PM
Why do we care about this?
nybelleinga April 23, 2014 at 01:41 PM
I have children at CCA and we have had a generally positive experience there. I believe that there is much more opportunity for idea exchange and collaboration than other elementary schools locally provide. The kids are generally encouraged and able to discuss their ideas and problem solve in the classroom more than we had experienced at another local elementary school. Why the hate towards CCA? I really don't understand it.
kevinowhite April 23, 2014 at 11:02 PM
Malcolm may be on to something about Marlow having valid points...as she is pulling her kids out of CCA. So, nybelleinga, maybe you should ask Marlow herself about "all the hate" towards CCA.
nybelleinga April 27, 2014 at 07:50 PM
Kevinowhite, we are moving in June, to a school district which graduates 96%. Done with Georgia.


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