JR Francis
Lives in: The strange no-name zone between the northeast side of Woodstock, not quite north enough to be Canton, east of Sixes, mostly Hickory Flat but a little south of there.
Born: Hurricane, WV Grew Up: East Cobb area of Marietta, GA Birthday: Jan 12, 1975 Bio: JR is a User Experience Architect, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and father of 5. He attended Lassiter High School and Georgia Tech. JR has spent the past 12 years becoming an expert in usability and web product design. He has created hundreds of identities and websites for clients and has written a Fantasy Football column for Sportsline, movie reviews for Flixster, and the occasional hand-written note to his wife. He loves his Netflix, Redbox and his PS3. He is an admitted internet addict with social media being a major part of his obsession, and luckily, often a part of his job.   JR loves old signs, especially when adorned by neon and accumulating rust, a great milkshake, and all 5 of his amazing kids.
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