Leaning Ladder open on Christmas Eve

Leaning Ladder Premium Olive Oils & Vinegars has enjoyed a warm welcome from the entire community their first holiday season open and will be open today, Christmas Eve, from 11-5.

Leaning Ladder owner sue Hasslinger said, "We know Christmas has crept up on many people and Christmas Eve will be a day of wrapping things up.  We have plenty of hostess gift ideas, recipe suggestions, marinades, oils, vinegars, wine and much more." Hasslinger added, "For those who are caught up, feel free to come by and give your taste buds a healthy treat!"

Leaning Ladder added several boutique wines to their product lines last month.  They pride themselves on offering a high quality, natural product and their knowledge and passion for what they offer. They are located next to Vingenzo's and FoxTale Book Shoppe at 105 East Main St.  Phone: 678-401-2609. Additionally, they have a website as well as a Facebook page.


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