Preventing Midweek Meltdowns

How do you help your children avoid burning out toward the end of a long school week?

 have been in school for a little more than two weeks. Getting back into a routine, coordinating schedules and homework can take a toll on everyone in the family. 

Experts cite many reasons for fatigue in children, and the consequential rude behavior. Some children have undiagnosed medical problems. In most cases, the behavior issues stem from simply being tired.

This week's question: 

"Do your children seem run down by the end of the school week? What do you do in your household to avoid a meltdown?"

Melissa HolderWe have dubbed Thursday as "fit-throw Thursday" in our home. By that point in the week, my kids are tired from getting up early, participating in their activities and studying or doing homework. I try to plan playdates for Thursdays if we aren't busy and have something planned—even if it's just us playing a game—so that the kids aren't home and stuck with each other. The fuses are just too short.

Leslie OlejnikMy children are always tired at the end of the school week because they keep busy with sports. Here's a look at a typical day with one daughter playing basketball and the other playing tennis:

Once they get off the bus, the girls grab a snack, change clothes and it's off to different courts. My youngest usually gets home first, then eats dinner, showers and does homework. My oldest daughter repeats the process when she gets in. Bedtime is around 11 o'clock if we are lucky. By Friday, we are all tired. My husband travels during the week so I do all the carpooling. I do carpool with other moms, but I still have to pull my weight driving one way to practice/drills. A lot of our weekends are then spent at basketball and tennis tournaments. Whew! I am tired just writing all this down.

Melissa FrasureMy children stay pretty busy during the school year, but they seem to never run out of energy. We do have an 8 o'clock bedtime at our house during the week. Getting plenty of rest and also eating healthy meals is so important for children. We also have a snack and do homework shortly after school gets out. If we wait any later, I seem to lose their attention. They have the rest of the day for extracurricular activities or to play.


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