You know, it is killing the American Spirit when men can't get work to pay what day labor at the Taco shop demand to be paid $12.00 an hour or more plus transportation and food and drink and guys can't get hired for $9.00 for a dishwasher!

I don't know who is supposed to be determining status of illegal aliens, but I'm really frustrated when I see guys that can't get a job overlooked for those that stand on a street corner and demand $12.00/hr plus transportation and meals and don't pay any taxes - then the majority of the money goes out of the country and they don't even tax the transmission!!!  Fair tax - you spend you pay - that's going to be the only way to handle it and make it commensurate with what you earn and hit everyone equally according to their earnings and spending.  Next -Why doesn't homeland security deputize all officers of the court - mandate hold for deportation upon conviction of a crime (including working in the country illegally) and charge the government of the country from which they are returning $25,000 for every returned illegal to help defray expenses out of the aid the US provides- when it hits the politician's pocketbooks of those countries, perhaps they will assist in controlling the issue.  Next - our constitution needs to change to prevent provision of all services and rights of citizenship to those here illegally.  We struggle with our budgets yet a single mother working her tail off to support her child doesn't get assistance with free lunches or after school care if she makes $30K-35000.00 which is barely living wage with the cost of health insurance, car payment and sole support for the home, yet she gets no assistance whatsoever - yet those who are not citizens bear children here to get them citizenship, then do not report their wages and take everything for free that our system offers - medical care, extra help to speak their language, not ours, free lunches, free tutoring.  It is highly motivational to sneak across the borders to have your baby here hoping that it will grant you rights to stay.  Next -  The other scenario that I see is that illegal females wind up searching for a citizen to be with who promises "marriage" - then she has children with the guy who doesn't marry her, who then threatens to take away the child if she returns to her country and essentially enslaves her to his whims and abuse because he knows she will not leave her child, the child is an American by birth, she has no rights to remain and can be left without her child.  Many changes needed!!!


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