'New' Rope Mill Road Opens Today

There is now a four-way intersection with Rope Mill Road, Woodstock Parkway and Ridgewalk Parkway.

The new Rope Mill Road at the intersection of Ridgewalk Parkway and Woodstock Parkway opened today.

The road ends at the , where the opened in August. Pedestrians will now be able to enjoy sidewalks that feed into the park from both sides of the street. There is still construction taking place with the sidewalks.

Kirk-Rudy also sits along the newly paved road along with other vacant properties.

C.W. Matthews shifted the new Road Mill Road over some odd yards to make room for the new Ridgewalk Parkway exit ramp as part of the Interchange Project.

Tal Harbor, project manager for the Interchange Project, said in an update the crew is also working on the bridge, sound barrier wall and completing the southbound exit ramp "piano" retaining wall.


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