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I am a local Golden Retriever fancier living in Woodstock since 2001.  We have AKC Champions that are raised with strict attention to our dogma "no chemicals in, on or around our pets!"
I have a local natural pet food business now in Downtown Woodstock and online with local delivery and we ship everywhere via FedEx. www.thedogmaonline.com, www.shop.thedogmaonline.com. We specialize in all natural pet supplies, raw food diets and grain free diets.  We welcome special orders, bulk orders of raw, dry or canned items! Come in and let's talk about your pets and any issues they might have. I research diets for many of our clients and since food is medicine; we can alleviate routine issues like skin, ears or allergies with the proper nutrition. It's my passion!
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The Dogma Natural Pet Market/Valerie Marshall
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The Dogma Natural Pet Market, A Pet Wellness Center Dedicated To The Health OfMore Companion Pets Via Fresh, Whole Foods, Holistic Pet Nutrition, Raw Pet Diets, Grain Free Foods, Holistic Remedies, Treats, Supplements and More!