New Highway 92 Traffic Signals Could Make Left-Hand Turns Safer

Four-Section Flashing Yellow Arrow signals will be installed at 11 intersections on Highway 92 in Woodstock.

Screenshot from the Georgia Department of Transportation
Screenshot from the Georgia Department of Transportation

Motorists who are constantly dodging oncoming traffic to make a left-hand turn from Highway 92 in Woodstock are about to get some much-needed assistance. 

In an effort to increase traffic flow along Cherokee County's busiest southern thoroughfare, the Georgia Department of Transportation will roll out a new initiative designed to protect those making left hand turns.

As part of state component of the Regional Traffic Operations Program, 11 intersections along Highway 92 in Woodstock will be outfitted with Four-Section Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) signals.

The signals, which will be used at intersections that historically have heavy left-turning traffic, be a vertical display of four left turn arrows that will function as hte following: 

  • When solid red arrow is illuminated, no left turn is allowed;
  • When solid yellow arrow is displayed, drivers should prepare to stop as light is about to turn red;
  • When flashing yellow arrow is illuminated, drivers may turn left but must yield to pedestrians and oncoming vehicles; and
  • When solid green arrow is displayed, drivers may turn left.  
The new signals will be installed along Highway 92 at its intersections with Springfield Drive, Londonderry Drive, Creekview Drive, Neese Road, Trickum Road, the Walmart Supercenter entrance, South Cherokee Lane, Ragsdale Road, Mountain Brook Parkway, Wigley Road and Wiley Bridge Road. 

The new signals will become operational along Highway 92 on Jan. 27 at Wigley and Wiley Bridge roads; Jan. 28 at Mountain Brook and Ragsdale roads; Jan. 29 at South Cherokee Lake and the Walmart entrance; and Jan. 30 for Trickum and Neese roads. 

The remaining signals will be activated at a later date. The regional initiative will target 30 areas throughout metro Atlanta to roll out the traffic improvements. Additional locations will be determined by city and county entities.

For more information, view the attached .PDF with information.  

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Scott Nally January 23, 2014 at 02:23 PM
I'm not sure the people of Cherokee County are smart enough to make this work.
J.K. Fleck January 24, 2014 at 01:44 PM
Roswell DOT --- how 'bout putting these on Holcomb Bridge Rd.? It certainly can't make traffic worse, and just might alleviate some congestion! Just sayin'
David Clack February 26, 2014 at 09:19 AM
I think the people of Cherokee county are smart enough to recognize that this was unnecessary and a waste of money. It was the GA DOT who put these things out. I wonder how much it cost us to replace something that wasn't broken.


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